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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: ‘92

Photo: Oscar Rodriguez

Band: '92
From: Long Beach & Antelope Valley, California

Their formation story:
"In 2016, Nick and Brandon initiated the exploration of crafting instrumentals strongly influenced by '90s hip-hop and late '80s punk and hardcore. The objective was to create a product authentic to its essence and roots, while also honoring the legacies of their favorite bands.

"The pivotal development occurred in 2020 when Nick and Brandon invited Brillo, a longstanding friend, to join the band. Brillo eventually took on vocal duties, and the lineup expanded further with Cole and another longstanding friend, Quin. The moniker ’92 was conceived as a means to pay homage not only to the influential music era but also to shed light on the events of April 29th, 1992 – famously known as The Los Angeles Riots.

"‘92 features members from SHIIVA, WILDER, and Desmadre."

Their sound in their own words:
"'92’s influences range from late '80s hardcore to early/mid-'90s hardcore and hip-hop, and a few modern day gems as well. For fans of Biohazard, Leeway, Onyx, Westside Connection, Trapped Under Ice, and The Warriors."

Latest release info:
“'Above the Law (ATL)' is a street anthem resonating with the cries for help from the oppressed, shackled by systemic policies. The track delves into the perspective of an individual who has reached a breaking point, confronting those who exploit and misuse laws, shielded by badges.

"It encapsulates the struggle against unjust regulations and the resilience of those who refuse to be silenced."

Future plans:
"In terms of our immediate plans, we believe that 2024 will be a significant year for us. We have a multitude of plans and endeavors we’re eager to accomplish. With several upcoming shows, including some yet to be announced, the excitement is building. Anticipate the release of new music throughout the year—we’re confident that many will find it thoroughly enjoyable."

What other bands from your region should we check out?
"Bands from our region to check out are Valley Girl, Cosmic Joke, Home Front, Face Facts, Ill Communication, Ozai, Destiny Bond, Jackknife, Self Sabotage, and Major Pain."


The '92 EP will be out February 23rd via Rude Records (pre-save).


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