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Negative Vibes, “Powered By Anger” (2018)

Negative Vibes is a Warsaw-based band that are producing a sound that truly can be described as vicious hardcore. The stuff oozes pure disgust in every facet of its delivery. 

I admittedly don't know much about Polish hardcore and its history, but Negative Vibes has definitely got me curious to learn more. The way these guys got on my radar was an email from guitarist Wiktor, asking me to check them out. The three songs on the group's Bandcamp page are a preview of their forthcoming debut LP which they hope to have out by the end of 2018. They have a Polish label deal secured but are still searching for someone to release it outside of their home country.

"When I'm Dead" opens with a brief dialogue sample of New Jersey treasure Danny DeVito before giving way to a wave of a D-beat meets NYHC assault that doesn't waste any time getting to its point. Meanwhile, the riffs and vocal lines somehow manage to still come off catchy, albeit in a twisted sort of way.

If any labels are reading this, you should seriously consider hitting up Negative Vibes.

Find out more about Negative Vibes on their Facebook page.

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