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Fall, “Barabbas,” from Messiahs (2019)

Here’s one you don’t hear everyday: what does it sound like when four guys who grew up listening to various flavors of punk, hardcore, and metal decide to start a band after they had all grown up, gotten married, had kids, graduated with degrees, and started careers along with all the other sundries that go along with “adulting”? It sounds raw. It sounds aggressive. It sounds like FALL.

Birthed in Louisville, KY (home to such well-known noisemakers of years gone by such as Kinghorse, By the Grace of God, and Coliseum, as well as more recent breakouts such as Greyhaven and Knocked Loose) FALL stands on the shoulders of the bands its members have loved for years from back in the days when hardcore albums were filled with movie samples and when Dickies pants and Chuck Taylors were the fashion of choice. But FALL also breaks new ground incorporating melodies and passions that come with age and scars.

Photo: Errick Easterday

Their latest offering is entitled "Barabbas," the first track off their forthcoming EP, Messiahs. Sidestepping the platitudes and daddy issues which too often define hardcore music, "Barabbas" tells a story. A story of the insurrectionist by that name—a failed messiah who sought to spark a revolution through martyrdom.

FALL is a band that circumvents the predictability and the formulaic nature of modern hardcore song-writing. You might love it. You might not. I really don’t think FALL will care either way. They are the kind of band that writes songs for themselves, not to build a brand or an audience. Which is precisely what hardcore was, should be, and must once again become.


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