STORM{O}: Italian Metallic Hardcore Group Brings Chaos on “Rilievo” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Meg Manley

Whether it's directly said or presumed, I get the sense that hardcore music is seen as having a limited perspective. Whether it be topical or geographic limits, bands tend to be pigeonholed or categorized unnecessarily if they are part of the world within the punk and hardcore genres. With that being said; I'm glad to present a new video from STORM{O}, a hardcore band based in the Belluno province of North Italy. While they may be new to many of you, they've been paving their way forward throughout Europe and the UK having already played over 400 shows. 

With the premiere of their video for, "Rilievo," we're laid out by what STORM{O} has put together for their latest record, Finis Terrae:

Set for release on the 4th of October in collaboration with various labels (Moment of Collapse Records (DE), Skeletal Lightning (US), To Lose La Track (IT), Shove Records (IT), Pundonor Records (ES), Left Hand Label (UK/DE), Zegema Beach Records (CAN/NZ), you get a distinct sense throughout the record that they want to inspire action and not merely observation through their music.

Vocalist Luca Rocco had this to say about the track, "'Rilievo' is one of the last songs we've written and it's a manifesto against the self-identity and the selfishness of human beings towards nature". 

With one of the colors of vinyl already sold out, pre-orders are available through STORM{O}'s Bandcamp and I have no doubt they'll be working on shows soon to tour in support of this powerful record. 

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