Expectations: Bulgarian Quintet Formed in the Name of Melodic Hardcore

Photo: Viktoriya Vucheva Photography

"Expectations started playing music in 2009 with the idea to create a more melodic hardcore band in Bulgaria," vocalist Georgi Dimitrov tells No Echo in an email interview. Georgi and company just wrapped up a European tour and we're talking about the group's latest album, Heartless, Shallow and Cruel

But back to the beginning. "Our main goal was to play as many shows as possible and spread the positive spirit and moral views of the hardcore music around the Balkans and Eastern Europe. We've been around for 13 years with 160 shows, 5 European tours, four LPs, and one EP, plus a split with King of Sorrow."

Georgi talks influences next. "We are mainly influenced by bands like Bane, Have Heart, The Carrier, and Ruiner, and also the more emo side, bands like Taking Back Sunday, At the Drive-In, and Alexisonfire. We feel our music and sound bring a raw, emotional, dark and honest vibe to the local scene and listeners. We've always wanted to experiment and get out of our comfort zone."

Heartless, Shallow and Cruel was released in June, ahead of their Euro trek. "The lyrics on the album are about growing as an individual and trying to make a change on a personal level, becoming the best version of yourself. Time changes us and and music is a great way to reflect how we've been feeling considering the fucked up world we live in.

"It's still crazy how the media is controlling information on wars crimes, politics, and social justice. The album is a great reminder of how we have to segment the information and always ask yourself first if what you see, read, and hear is true."

Photo: Viktoriya Vucheva Photography

How about Bulgarian hardcore? What's poppin' over there? "The local scene in Sofia, Bulgaria is doing great! From a personal perspective, we managed to play with some of our favorite heroes in hardcore for the past 13 years and we are grateful for that.

"Shout out to Alex 141 from Last Hope and all local promoters and organizations like Fabrika Avtonomiya, Grindhouse, SWWS who have been pushing, doing shows and still building this scene! Bands to definitely check: Feedbacker, Rugged, Redound, TDK, and Spalni Mesta."


Heartless, Shallow and Cruel is available now via Bandcamp and all streaming outlets.

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