Don’t Trust a Soul: Mindforce Singer Jason P. on His New ‘90s-Inspired Hardcore Side Project

Photo: Anne Spina

"I’ve always wanted to do a band that was influenced by a certain type groovier NYHC from the '90s as well as my love of hip-hop," Mindforce vocalist Jason P. tells No Echo about Don't Trust a Soul, his new side project. "I’ve been obsessed with mob and crime movies since a teen and the related themes within them." 

Indeed, from the Donnie Brasco photo gracing its cover, to the various rap samples threaded throughout it, the brand-new Don't Trust a Soul demo is a total love letter to Jason's aforementioned admiration for both crime dramas and hip-hop, and yes, groove-based hardcore:

Jason gives some more background on the Don't Trust a Soul genesis: "[Mindforce bassist] Nick [Haines] and I started jamming together on guitar and drums out of boredom during Mindforce’s break. Andrew [Vacante] from Combust was into the idea and joined on shortly after. 

"Bands like Crown of Thornz, Cold Front, Maximum Penalty, and Dismay were big influences. But Nick and I were also really influenced by the current underground rap scene like the Griselda movement as well as classic '90s albums like The Infamous and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.

"The last song ['Never Wanna Again'] is about visiting Mike in the hospital." The "Mike" Anthony is referring to is Mindforce guitarist Mike Shaw, who was in a terrible car accident in the beginning of 2019 which took many months of rehab.

Photo: Dan Dwyer

From what Jason is telling me, Don't Trust a Soul should be playing a few shows sometime in the future, but don't hold your breath for a full tour anytime soon. "Yeah, we’d like to play a few shows. The plan is Jon from Rule Them All is gonna jump on drums live. I also have a couple of other things in mind. Nothing crazy, though, as we’re all mad busy with our main bands." 

Oh, before our conversation reaches its conclusion, I ask Jason what his all-time favorite crime thriller. Without hesitation, the singer answers: "Heat directed by Micheal Mann. Vincent Hanna is a god."


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