Cold View: California Hardcore Band Offers a “Raw Slice of Life’ on Debut Single

Photo: Gene Ramirez 

Cold View is a Southern Californian hardcore unit featuring members who have also played in such bands as Frost Bite, A Shark Among Us, and Set Your Anchor.

“Hardcore music is meant to be gritty and imperfect," says bassist Gene Ramirez. "This genre isn’t meant to be polished and appeal to everyone. We attend to bring back some of the elements that were lost within this genre, and create our own feel on a genre that we’ve been playing since we were kids."

That statement is echoed on Cold View's debut single, "Raw Slice of Life," which the band just released in October. Check out the music video their own bass ace directed for the track below:

Working with engineer Charles Ruiz, Cold View already have their debut album in the can, so expect that coming in 2022.

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