Blind Idol: Albany, NY Hardcore Unit Takes a Walk on Liberty Street (EP PREMIERE)

For the principled and godless among us, New Morality Zine is as divine as any steepled house of worship. Having been on an absolute godly run since their inception, the Chicago-based label has been the picture of good form in 2021.

NMZ’s latest entrée into an historically great year for hardcore punk records comes courtesy of Albany, NY's Blind Idol. The duo’s new EP, Liberty Street, builds on an already superlative sound, as exemplified by last year’s debut, Town & City. For the uninitiated, check it to see why it garners endless spins round these parts. 

As is the case with all good things in hardcore, I first caught wind of the band in these very pages and their latest is an ante up in every way. With a sound that echoes the desperate and raw angst of early ‘oughts hardcore, there’s a bleak edge that skews even darker than that era’s most celebrated merchants of misery:

Blind Idol's literary background pays dividends here, as well, managing to add a narrative sense of poetic unease to the ferocity. With an austere and deadly serious approach to their aesthetic, this ain’t the feel good hit of the summer. What is it, you ask? It’s the sound of a gauntlet being thrown down.

No spoilers, but this EP happens to feature my favorite vocals of the year thus far. No Echo is stoked to premiere it. Start worshipping them now. God is dead and Blind Idol reigns supreme. 

Liberty Street will go on sale this Friday (August 13th) via New Morality Zine.

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