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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Prisão

Photo: Staffan Fagerberg

Band: Prisão
From: Stockholm, Sweden

Their formation story:
(Lucas, vocals): "We've all known each other since before and were used to sharing the stage throughout the years with our different bands. I play in Vidro, Hilda plays in Axe Rash, Nikki in Warchild, and Viktor played in Nitad.

"But as soon as Nikki (Prisão's guitarist) decided to move from Umeå to Stockholm, I knew I had to act fast to grab her for a new band. I wasn't fast enough, though. Hilda (Prisão's bass player) was quicker than me.

Luckily, they invited me to join their band and that's how Prisão started. When we asked Viktor if he wanted to drum with us he was quick say yes since he was dying to play faster music again!"

Their sound in their own words:
"I guess we play straight forward hardcore using our Brazilian and Swedish punk influences. Sorry State Records described our music saying the following: 'a stomping, bruising caveman attack. Not that it’s dumb… the riffs and beats are smart but straightforward, the band dragging their knuckles as they march toward their muse. It’s burly and mean, but not tough-guy shit… music made for purging the grinding monotony of the straight world.'"

Latest release info:
"We're just about to release an EP with 4 new songs on Adult Crash Records (Europe) and 11 PM Records (US). I think these songs are a better representation of how we sound live and what we're doing together. The Demo we released previously were the first songs we ever wrote and since then we played a lot and got to know each other a lot better, too."

Future plans:
"We're looking forward to having the vinyl coming out and playing as much as we can. We have gigs booked in Finland, Sweden, Belgium, and The Netherlands so far and we would also love to maybe leave Europe this year. We'll see what's possible."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
T"here are so many great bands around, but a few I'd name at the moment are: Nukies, Dream Warriors, Kitazato, Sticky Baby, Px30,
Contaminazione, and Alarm!"


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