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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Flowers for Burial

Photo: Dave Boccio

Band: Flowers for Burial
From: Hudson Valley & Albany, New York

Their formation story:
(Nicole Hooker, vocals): "Flowers for Burial started as a low-key studio project that we contemplated using as a split with another band, but that didn't pan out. So we had this demo we were really happy with, and decided we loved what we were doing, and wanted to just run with it.

"It was recorded at a home studio—it came together so effortlessly, so we wanted to take it further/play shows."

Their sound in their own words:
"Musically, we're very inspired by Wound Man, Regional Justice Center, Gatecreeper, Merauder, Converge, and Nails. Lyrically, I'd say I write in a style similar to Dystopia or Disrupt. They're very emotional, raw lyrics that just mean exactly what they say. No hidden meaning, just putting it all out there."

Latest release info:
"Our newest release feels symbolic of us really coming into our own. We sat with our demo, took in all the feedback we received, which was overwhelmingly positive and constructive, and then we realized we had something good. We were comfortable, and now we could branch out and add new elements to something we already loved.

"Animus is also an important narrative that I think displays more vulnerability than I was comfortable with doing on the demo. I definitely think of it in Jungean terms, being the masculine part of a woman's personality because anger in women is often misperceived as irrational, one-dimensional, and trivial.

"I wanted to create something that displays that women are not this "other" category not built to withstand extreme emotion, rage, and pain. We are all suffering as one and it's a unique and awful experience to feel like yours is invalidated."

Future plans:
"We definitely want to branch out, travel, tour and just keep building our sound and meeting new people and keeping the scene as lively as it is. We love doing this and I just want to keep it going and keep writing music that we love."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Two of us are from Hudson Valley, New York, and two of us are from Albany, New York: On the Hudson Valley side definitely Quiet, Servant of Sorrow, and Means of Survival are dope, and on the Albany side Spiritkiller, Cold Kiss, Halo Bite, and Cinnamon are sick.

"Shout out to Godskin Peeler too—they're kind of all over NY/New England, Kidnapped, Sexless Marriage, and Easy Blame as well!"


Animus will be out July 12th via Protagonist Music (pre-order).

Flowers for Burial on social media: Instagram


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