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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Cassetta

Photo: Brad Alexander

Band: Cassetta
From: Southern California

Their formation story:
(Conor Eaton, vocals): "When Kevin Fifield (Pressure Cracks) first approached me about the project, he had written a few songs and sent them over to me to see if I’d be interested in doing vocals. At that point he had already talked with Marc Motley (Arson Choir) about playing guitar and quickly after that recruited old time friend Bob Bradley (Scars of Tomorrow, Fake Figures).

"When I first wrote the lyrics and mapped out the vocals we still didn’t have a drummer so Bob got in touch with Alex Lopez (Suicide Silence) and sent him over a few of the tracks and things fell into place pretty quickly. Although I hadn’t met Kevin until a couple years ago on tour, some of the other guys go way back.

"Bob and Kevin played in Scars of Tomorrow back in the day and through local shows and years of touring built up a friendship with Alex Lopez. All of us grew up in the same scene so it kind of felt like we all knew each other already even though we weren’t necessarily all friends yet."

Their sound in their own words:
"I’d say we walk pretty much right down the middle as far as early to mid-'00s hardcore bands with a tinge of fast, circle-pit/blast beat sections. My first reaction when listening to the first riffs that Kevin wrote was that there is clearly no holding back when it comes to how heavy we want this to sound.

"Bands like Martyr AD, Disembodied, Poison the Well, and that whole era were all major influences on us but I also feel like there are parts where we sound like Meshuggah."

Latest release info:
"'Swallow the Sun' has a little bit of everything all packed into one song. I'm happy that it is the first song we chose to put out because it does a good job at showing everything we will incorporate with our future releases.

"From big, slow and heavy breakdowns to fast hardcore punk and death metal-style blast beats I think it's pretty much got all our influences on showcase. Being able to wrap it all up with an awesome visualizer from our friend Ian Flux made it all the better for people to connect to."

Future plans:
"We have a handful of other songs in the chamber so we will be quick to get back into the studio and start working on some new material while Alex is out on tour. I think our main focus will be booking some live shows later on this year and you can expect a few more releases in the immediate future.

"In the meantime, our next track that we recently completed (called 'Thin Blue Crime') is coming out on August 2nd with a video."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Foreign Pain, Whirlwind, Stateside, Gone, Duhkha, Torena, Twist of Cain, Overexposure, Torena, Darasuum, and Wrath of Gods."


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