Skrewball: New UKHC Band Unleashes the “Wild Cats” (PREMIERE)

Launched in early 2019, Crew Cuts has been on a steadily upward trajectory and have landed some monster releases of late. The UK-based hardcore label’s latest comes courtesy of Plymouth’s Skrewball.

Written and recorded during the 2020 lockdown, their self-titled EP is a rollicking collection of hardcore punk that finds them arriving both fully formed and without needless genre qualifiers. Simply stated, the band lives in a manic but mid-paced stomp sure to please fans of straightforward hardcore punk and the domineering force of Oi! 

Elsewhere on the collection, Skrewball brings the high heat but “Wild Cats” finds its footing in a more measured cadence that calls to mind early punk. The potent and commanding vocals manage to convey a throaty desperation that lends the proceedings an air of off the rails intensity and calcified authenticity.

The band lays down a framework of staccato rhythms and impossibly busy drum work that feel particularly unique, which is something other fresh faced bands might crib a note from. 

Hit up Crew Cuts for the Skrewball EP on vinyl. A Stateside cassette release is in the works via our friendSex and Glue Zine. Keep your eyes peeled for this scuzzy gem from the Guz-based crew. 


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