Duckbeak: Pop-Punk and Hardcore Worlds Combine on Charlotte Band’s New Single (PREMIERE)

Photo: Ryan McDonald

Blending the melodicism of pop-punk with the aggression of hardcore, Duckbeak is a North Carolina-based band that formed in 2018.

Since that time, the Charlotte group has kept busy releasing an EP that same year, Thanks For Letting Me Borrow Your Guitar, a single called "Sorry About This" in 2020, and last year saw them drop a record called Snakes and Rats.
Today, Duckbeak is premiering a track called "Quietkind" a day early for No Echo's readers to check out:

"The song is about bottling up your emotions and the struggle with not being able to open up about anything that's going on inside," Duckbeak vocalist Mike Smith told No Echo via email.

"For me personally mental illness is something I've struggled with most of my life and only in recent years have I even remotely made a little bit of progress. The song mostly references depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and constant voices in my head. All that aside though, its a heavy, brutal banger that we're all super stoked about." 

"Quietkind" will appear on all major streaming outlets on June 10th.

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