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World Tension, “Hate Thy Neighbor” (2018)

Coming straight from Sin City, World Tension is a crossover thrash unit that is gearing for the release of their debut EP.

"Hate Thy Neighbor" is a track from the eponymous EP that captures all of the the sonic signatures that makes World Tension a tasty listening experience. First off, the main guitar riff snakes around at a mid-tempo pace that the rhythm section then turns around and sets a hardened groove to it. The vocals are gruff as fuck, fitting for the song's bleak lyrics.

Let's see what World Tension has up their sleeves in the coming year, but this EP is a great start for the Las Vegas outfit.

Photo: Joe Calixto

The 7" pre-order is up now on Running In Place Records. Catch World Tension out with Jawstruck on a run of West Coast dates this November and let them know No Echo sent ya:

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