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PEST!, “Milk,” from Sick Fuck (2019)

"I guess I would just say we’re a Brooklyn-based punk band who likes to play hard, fast, and weird." That's the exact quote PEST! vocalist Katie sent me when I asked her for a bio on her band. The thing is, though it's not truly a bio in the classic sense, it truly captures the essence of what the group is about on musical level.

Released in late October, PEST!'s Sick Fuck demo is a 5-track collection of gnarly hardcore punk that sounds like it was written and recorded in a filthy basement. The stuff is nasty in every sense, and "Milk" is my favorite cut from the demo.

Opening with a deceptively melodic guitar line that takes little time to break into a driving punk part that fits perfectly beneath Katie's high-pitched vocal assault, "Milk" closes out with a speedy tempo that showcases the more '80s hardcore side of what they do.

Head to the PEST! Bandcamp page to check out Sick Fuck.


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