Song of the Day

Lurk, “Big Fool” (Undertone Records, 2018)

Comprised of musicians from the Chicago hardcore scene, Lurk is a new band writing jittery punk rock that gets its hooks in you within seconds. The group recorded their soon to be released promo cassette at Bricktop Recording with Andy Nelson, a dude who has worked with everyone from Weekend Nachos and Harm's Way to True Love and Dead in the Dirt. 

"Big Fool" kicks off Lurk's cassette and it's a catchy motherfucker of a jam! The vocals have a snotty style to them that go well with the driving stop and go rhythmic drive of the arrangement. Towards the closing of the track, the band turn the speed up and everything ends right when you're wanting more. That's the way to do it, boys.

Photo: Jack Benton

Lurk's promo cassette is available for pre-order from Undertone Records, and it also includes a cover of the Ramones classic, "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment." 

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