World I Hate: Six Records That Influenced Our Band

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An early Hardcore Album of the Year contender is surely Years of Lead. Written and recorded by Milwaukee's World I Hate, it's an 11-track sledgehammer of a listening experience that clocks in at an economic 18 minutes and 56 seconds. In other words, the album wastes zero time on any bullshit.

World I Hate features musicians who have also played in such bands as Low End, Judiciary, and Cross Me, for those of you who might not know them yet. Either way, dig into the record below to see why I'm hyped on them and continue reading on:

Since Years of Lead hasn't left regular rotation at No Echo HQ, I reached out to the World I Hate dudes to get a list of a few of the records that helped influence their brutish sound.

Yep, they have impeccable musical taste.


Knife Fight, Knife Fight (2003)

(Jimmy LaDue, guitars): This record was one of those records for me that scratched an itch when I got my hands on it. This record has no fat. It aggressive, sassy, and never over stays it’s welcome. It’s one of many bands from an era of hardcore that we definitely sprinkle throughout our songs.  


Think I Care, Mongrel (2004)

(Hal Crossno, vocals): I think this was Think I Care's second album, or third EP, different people count it different ways, and everyone is wrong. In this guy's opinion, this is when Think I Care perfected their sound: ripping fast hardcore, with mosh parts harder than any punk band in 2004 had any business writing.

More than anything, the general vibe of this release is just perfect. This record beat's your ass in an alley, spits in your face, and walks away to never see you again. It's a bit messy, scrappy at times, but that's how you know it's real. I really wanted to take a piece of that attitude with me in Years of Lead, just trying to be as indignant as possible.


Mind Eraser, The Prodigal Son Brings Death (2008)

(Hal Crossno, vocals): One of the less celebrated Mind Eraser records, but still undeniable. Compared to their other output, this one is the shortest, and does the most in the small amount of time it sticks around. Hard Riffs that never get played twice.

An unstoppable vocal delivery. All the unexpected fills and drum work. This record gets in, says what it has to say, and gets out. Like Mind Eraser, We did not want to waste your time with our album. 


Weekend Nachos, Unforgivable (2009)

(Ben Wittlinger, bass): In my eyes, this record is everything that hardcore should be and nothing it shouldn’t. An expression of negativity and alienation unburdened by grace, subtlety or apology. Harnessing the brutal power of a bulldozer and the unmitigated aggression of a rabid dog, the album delivers a devastating, suffocating catharsis of misery and pain.

There is no silver-lining offered here, nor is there a single moment of reprieve-every second of its existence embodies the very worst of the human experience. The album is both concise and complete in proving its thesis: This world is unforgivable.


Disclose, Tragedy (1994)

(Thomas Van Gent, guitars): A burning spirits classic that does not need much of an introduction. While I don’t think we sound like this band a couple members were listening to this record quite heavily while writing the Years of Lead.

The atmosphere this record creates gave at the very least some subconscious inspiration for the record. Also the guitar playing of Hideki Kawakami is incredible.


The Beach Boys, All Summer Long (1964)

(Cody Ratley, drums): This is when the boys finally started perfecting their sound, and was the last of their surf records, with "Don't Back Down" being the last surf song. There's a lot of 4-on-the-floor riffs & surf beats as well as "serving the song," which I took to heart when we were writing Years of Lead.

Less is always more. 


Years of Lead is out now across all digital streaming outlets via WAR Records. The second pressing of the vinyl will begin shipping in August (pre-order up now).

World I Hate upcoming shows:
June 17 - Cudahy, WI @ X-Ray Arcade (Milwaukee Hardcore Summer Jam)
July 15 - Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club (Years of Lead Record Release Show)
July 21 - Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge (The Rumble fest)
August 4 - Iowa City @ The James
September 22 - Mississauga Ontario @ Hansa Haus (Hold Your Ground Fest)
November 17-19th - Tulsa, OK @ VFW Post 577 (Flyover Fest)


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