xCauterizex: Portland Hardcore Unit Returns with New Tracks, Label Deal (PREMIERE)

Photo: Veronika Reinert

xCauterizex is a metallic hardcore band that formed in Portland, OR back in 2017. It's been over 2 years since the group released their demo, and now they're gearing up for their return with some new material and a label deal.

With a lyrical focus on their commitment to vegan and straight edge lifestyle, xCauterizex has joined forces with Bitter Melody Records to drop Blessed Flame, a CD digipak/vinyl release featuring 2 new tracks and an instrumental interlude (the CD will also include the group's 2019 demo).

Musically speaking, xCauterizex brings to mind everything from H8000 to Gothenburg-styled guitar riffs to newer bands like Whispers and Cruelty.

Let the Blessed Flame mayhem rip below in this No Echo premiere:

Blessed Flame is being issued by Bitter Melody Records as a one sided 12 inche clear lathe cut, and as a digipak CD which also includes the 2019 xCauterizex demo. Both versions are up for pre-order now.


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