Wolfbreath: Indonesian Band Teams Up w/ Jonathan Flück (Deconvolution) on Metallic HC Banger

Photo: Rian Kurnia

Wolfbreath is an Indonesian band that started playing together back in 2017. Their sound is firmly rooted in the heavier side of the metallic hardcore sonic spectrum.

Like most groups covered on this site, Wolfbreath has gone through membership changes throughout their run together as drummer Kevin explained to me. "After some difficult times we had last year and a vocalist change, we're currently powered by 5 dudes" Aji Wibowo, aka Skak (vocal), Petrus (lead guitar), Wiwo (rhythm guitar), Fikri (bass), and myself."

After a handful of releases, Wolfbreath debuted their new lineup with a crushing single called "Sorrow" which finds them collaborating with vocalist Jonathan Flück of Swiss outfit Deconvolution.

"We explored lots of things for our latest single, it's got more aggresive drum beats and a breakdown, beastly guitar riffs with some elements of death metal, and a heavier and powerful vocal style. We inspired a lot by bands such as Nails, Year of the Knife, Jesus Piece, Adversary, Guilt Trip, and Malevolence."

"We are so hyped because this is our very first international project," Kevin says, "and what a big pleasure for us to have Jonathan of Deconvolution to be in it. And also this is our first single with our talented new singer, Skak.

"This song is about feelings of regret in life, frustation and depression but surviving throughout it all no matter whatever happened. These are the kind of emotions that many people have faced in this modern life."

Wolfbreath is currently working on their second studio album which will come out in 2024.

In terms of their local scene, here's what Kevin hooked me up with: "Well, we recommend you check out our homies from the same town as us here in Magelang, Indonesia. They are Milhouse amd their new EP is titled Anxietas. Make sure that you guys gonna check this banger out here:


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