Whut?: Chicago Band Takes on Cro-Mags’ “We Gotta Know” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Gene Ambo

Whut? is a crossover thrash quintet based out of the Windy City. Throughout their years together, the band has shared bills with such heavy-hitters as Cold as Life, Negative Approach, and D.R.I.

With a pair of releases already out on Demon Head Records—the Still Laughing EP and a split 7 inch with ZOR—Whut? is planning to drop both the No Hope, No Soul EP and a full-length album within the next year. The label will also be releasing the band's 2010 Laughing with the Sinners album for the first time on vinyl.
After a near 2-year hiatus from playing shows, Whut? will be playing Chicago's Cobra Lounge on July 30th and to celebrate their return, they've made a music video for their take on "We Gotta Know," the seminal Cro-Mags song.

"This video is a throwback to jamming in the garage days with the homies and enjoying playing the music that we cut our teeth on while learning how to play our instruments," guitarist Gregory Charles tells No Echo. "This return to the roots is inspired by trying to get back in the normal groove escaping from the covid times and having fun. The video features guest appearances by Ainsley Glyn as the Angry Neighbor and Böe Jängles as the wandering dabber."

The Whut? version of "We Gotta Know" is available on their Still Laughing EP, which you can pick up directly from Demon Head Records on vinyl, and on all major streaming sites.

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