Stand Still: Long Island Hardcore Band Showcases Live Energy via “Id” Music Video (PREMIERE)

Photo: Cody Ganzer

The practice of patience would typically dictate that after the plague comes the enlightenment. Someone should’ve told Long Island, whose storied scene has again defied the Dark Ages.

On the strength of Koyo, Somerset Thrower, and Stand Still; the last of which has returned with a video premiere to remind you why they’re squarely at the locus of hardcore’s latest Renaissance.

Their year-topping debut EP, A Practice In Patience, was a summertime stunner that mines the golden era of the PWAC as much as it does their own singular sound, one born of a long running and self reliant scene. 

Released in summer 2021 by the modern classic tandem of DAZE and New Morality Zine, it’s as forceful as it is wistful. If you’ve somehow inadvertently evaded Stand Still’s instantly memorable hooks, imagine the joyous meeting point of Silent Majority and The Movielife.

Yet, the longevity of this fertile scene leans on the pillars of bands like this that push onward, despite a clear reverence for those that came before them. 

No Echo founder Carlos Ramirez included Stand Still on his 12 Newer Hardcore Bands to Check Out in 2022 list yesterday, so we're both stoked to premiere the music video “Id” from A Practice In Patience:

A Practice In Patience is out now and available via New Morality Zine and DAZE.


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