Sharp Tongues: Swedish HC Band Lands New Age Records Deal, Releases “Shadows” Single

Photos courtesy of New Age Records

Sharp Tongues is a Swedish hardcore band that was started in 2020 by Gothenburg-based musician Carl Häger. "I didn't have a specific direction and just went with whatever came out of me, and it eventually turned into fast melodic hardcore," Carl tells me via email. "Many thoughts and projects in life often go to waste, but I felt that now I was determined to see this through."

2022 saw the release of a 3-track EP which found Carl handling all of the instruments in the recording sessions outside of the drums. After the songs found an audience via social media sharing, he decided to push forward with more Sharp Tongues material. "I received so much positive feedback, it got me so excited that I decided to make another EP. It was released by the end of 2022. Same setup for that one. Everything was produced and recorded at home in the basement.

"Then I got a show request and really wanted to go for it, so I reached out to some good friends to play the show. We really enjoyed playing together, then some more shows followed, and I suppose we became a band."

I asked Carl about specific influences and he shared this: "In My Eyes and Carry On are two bands that I've listened to a lot and still do to this day. Nothing to Hide by In My Eyes is the most played record for me. But I also have to mention Be Well, when their debut album came out in the spring of 2020, I think the first thought of wanting to do something was born.

"The Weight and the Cost, as the album is called, is so good. Check it out if you've missed it. Would also mention Turning Point as a huge inspiration in regards to the fusion of classic hardcore with a more progressive sound."

Fittingly, the label behind Turning Point's It's Always Darkest...Before the Dawn album, New Age Records, have signed Sharp Tongues to their roster. "First of all, we are all huge fans of New age," said Carl. "We grew up with Mouthpiece, Unbroken, and Outspoken and New Age kept the flame burning ever since releasing great hardcore!

"After dropping a single in September last year, Mike reached out to us. We had a chat, klicked instantly and the idea of working together on an album grew. It felt like the perfect next step for our band, and we couldn't be more excited about it!"

Check out a track called "Shadows" from Sharp Tongues' forthcoming LP for New Age Records below:

"The full album is scheduled for release at the end of May or beginning of June. We're incredibly excited; the album sounds fantastic, and we're stoked to share it with everyone."

Photo courtesy of New Age Records

I asked Carl about Sharp Tongues' other plans outside of the album drop: "In addition to our album release plans, we will also be featured on a Swedish hardcore compilation, Greetings from Sweden. Our track will be included on the vinyl release scheduled for April.

"We want to keep playing shows and enjoy the privilege of being in a hardcore band! We are opening up for Terror and Nasty in our hometown Gothenburg in a couple of weeks, super stoked for that!"


New Age Records will be releasing the Sharp Tongues album in late spring, early summer.

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