Sanctuary: French Group Strikes Up Choice Metallic Hardcore on Debut Tracks

Citing such influences as Morning Again, Strife, and Spirit of Youth, Sanctuary is a new band out of Rouen, a city on the River Seine in northern France.

"This project is the musical reunion of five friends having already played together in different bands," Sanctuary vocalist Damish told me in an email earlier this week. Those groups he speaks of include Primal Age, Nuisible, As We Bleed, Lazare, and Absone.

"In the beginning, it was only supposed to be a band with few rehearsals and maybe a few local shows. But people motivated us to do Sanctuary seriously. So here we are with our first demo and our first video clip. And now we want to share our vision of hardcore with more new music and live shows."

Damish said the following about the lyrics on Sanctuary's first two released songs, "All Is Illusion" and "Too Late" (both heard above): "The lyrics are between hope and rage, between nihilism and anger. Trying to see the world through the eyes of my daughter and mine. Between protection and reality, trying to understand the world in which these children are growing up.

This is what the singer had to say about Sanctuary's regional music scene: "It's a bit sleepy compared to a few years ago, but there are quality bands like Pilori, Hooks and Bones, Rough Ground, Primal Age, Nothing to Lose. It's more of a city with great indie rock bands, but we lack the infrastructure to organize more shows. Terrain Vague is a friend who organizes good shows and has his own label. Also, Emergence Records is another old local label."


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