Pummeled: Pittsburgh Trio Evoke the Spirit of Early Helmet on Debut EP

Photo: Sara Harrington

Give me a loud guitars riding over a fat bass and drum groove and I'm a happy man. Whether it's Helmet, Soundgarden, or any number of Black Sabbath acolytes, the style appeals to me in a big way. Enter: Pummeled.

Formed in 2016, the Pittsburgh-based power trio feel the same way I do about the whole guitar/groove thing. I'm hearing the holy spirit of Strap It On-era Helmet and TAD in what they're doing. With a cover image that would have you thinking you've unearthed some '90s buzz bin band you never heard of, Pummeled is a kickass EP and I'm happy to present it in all its filthy glory today.

“For our first physical release, we wanted to pick some songs we'd been working on for a while and had a really heavy edge to them," Pummeled let me know via email. "Some of them even predate Pummeled as far as when we began to work on them, which would make them close to three years old. They're definitely on the heavier side of the stuff we worked on with this lineup. And of course we had to pick an oft-forgotten Nirvana song to throw in the mix; that original rips.” Oh yeah, there's that Nirvana cover. I forgot to mention that, but even without the In Utero track tribute they've included, the EP rips.

Pummeled will be out on Oct. 5 via Head2Wall Records as a limited edition cassette (100 copies), and from all digital platforms. The pre-order also comes bundled with an exclusive new shirt, so don't sleep.

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