Final Form: UK Band’s “A Different Breed” Is a Vicious Helping of Metallic Hardcore

One of the most common questions I ask musicians I speak to on No Echo is how they would describe their band's sound. "Metallic hardcore, mosh metal, crossover, hard to describe, we don’t really stick to one rigid sub-genre," is how Dan, the vocalist in UK quintet Final Form, when I chatted with him last year.

At that time, Dan and company were promoting their split release with fellow Brits, Bloodfury. According to Dan, the two tracks featured on that split had a huge effect on FInal Form's direction. "They pushed us further in the direction we’re headed musically and that evolution is even more clear on the 6-track EP we’ve recorded, which is coming soon!"

The wait is (kinda) over as Final Form have just dropped a single called "A Different Breed" from their aforementioned EP. Out in a couple of months, The Devil's Game EP will be coming out in April Collyde, The Coming Strife Records, and Death Farm Records.

Here's what Dan from Final Form told me about "A Different Breed," a pure guitar riff feast:

"The song is about true loyalty, something that not everyone understands. You either have the mindset or not and some people talk about it but don’t live it. It’s also about the focused attitude you need to achieve your goals."

Dan also told me about Final Form's upcoming busy plans: "Next month, we head out on tour with our friends Malignant Methods, Bloodfury, and Dominate and we’re hitting up shows in the UK, France, Italy, Belgium, and Germany

"We’ll be doing some UK stuff in April/May and then we head back to Germany for Return to Strength Fest at the end of May with Cold Hard Truth, Risk It, Existence, Lowest Creature, and Dominate."

The Devil's Game EP will be out in April via Collyde, The Coming Strife Records, and Death Farm Records.

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