End Quote: NJ Duo Meshes Metallic Hardcore, Industrial & Noise Rock on Debut EP

Meet End Quote, a new duo based out of Princeton, New Jersey specializing in a heavy sound that incorporates elements of metallic hardcore, industrial rock, and the kind of riffy racket AmRep released in the '90s.

"I had been working on demos over the pandemic with the goal of writing and playing songs that could be pulled off live with two people," guitar/vocalist Alex tells No Echo about their formation.

"I figured I could trick one other person into playing in a band with me. We met through a Craigslist ad I put out for a drummer that could play a D-beat. John came from Ayanyss and Thulsa Doom so we were on the same wavelength immediately for what the sound and vibe should be."

End Quote's latest offering is a 6-song EP called They Shall Take Up Serpents. '90s/'00s metallic hardcore with some noise rock/pop influences," is how Alex describes their approach. "Also some '80s industrial sounds mixed in. Reference bands for us would be Botch, Leeway, Author and Punisher, Jesus Lizard, Obituary, early NIN, Napalm Death, Ken Mode, to name a few."

Though They Shall Take Up Serpents is a DIY affair, Alex has an engineering background and works as a project manager, so it's not surprising he wasn't taking any chances with the record.

"I recorded and mixed the whole EP at home. It's amazing how good technology is now. But I made sure to have someone else master it to cover up for my bad mixing. I want to shout out Jesse Cannon (Brooklyn Recording Paradise), who does an awesome job mastering for very fair prices. I'm convinced it sounds as good as it does because of him."

As always, No Echo was curious to hear what other bands we should be checking out of the Garden State region. "New Jersey's scene is nuts right now. There are so many good bands but I do want to shout out Revenge Ritual, Eyes of Fear, Silk Sheets, Dusters, Freezeheads, Bayway NJ, Final Resting Pose, and Eric Raven."


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