Citizen Rage: Canadian Hardcore Band Pulls No Punches on Brand New EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Llisa Bastard Photography

Citizen Rage have been doing their thing since forming in Calgary, Alberta back in 2014. The Canadian quintet specialize in a crossover hybrid that brings together the raw spirit of hardcore and the precision of classic thrash metal.

With a clutch of self-released EPs under their collective belt, Citizen Rage have toured throughout their country, landing slots on key festivals there, and sharing the stage with the likes of Cro-Mags, Comeback Kid, and D.R.I. along the way.

Following up their Pink EP from 2018, the band is returning with a 4-track collection entitled Black, and this is what Citizen Rage said about the new record:

"We hope to carry on spreading our message of positive social change through more tours, more recordings, and more high-fives, hugs, and hardcore punk." 

Citizen Rage singer Mark Russell said the following about Black:

“The EP has it all from failed relationships, mental health issues to standing up against bullies, and nightmares that haunt our dreams. 'Black' is a chilling reminder of how human and fragile we really are.”

Photo: Llisa Bastard Photography

Featuring guest musicians Rob Lawless (Real Sickies), Brad Graves (The Devil’s Sons), and Matt Jak (Bogue Brigade), Black was recorded by Jamie Kovalsky, and co-produced by Mark Russell (the aforementioned vocalist of Citizen Rage) and Rob Lawless of The Physics Lab.

Black will be out tomorrow (Sept. 25) via Wasted Wax Records. If you prefer digital, hit up Bandcamp.

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