Brain Cave: Cleveland Trio Delivers Gritty Post-Hardcore on “Bloodletting” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Louis Knight

Last summer, No Echo helped spread the word about Brain Cave via a track from their Log World EP. If you missed that, and might not familiar with the band, the Cleveland-based trio play a ballsy take on post-hardcore that fans of both '90s-era Revelation Records and Amphetamine Reptile should take note of.

Brain Cave is gearing up to release a new EP entitled Drained Wisdom that the band promises will explore new angles and sonic elements to their sound.

Today, No Echo is presenting a rip and roaring track called "Bloodletting" from the forthcoming EP for our readers to check out:

“'Bloodletting' is one of a few quick songs we wrote, specifically for the purpose of flowing well together," Brain Cave guitarist/vocalist Mike Bellis told us via email. 

"We wanted some catchy numbers around the two-minute mark. Theme-wise, it clearly goes hand in hand with the EP art, focusing on humanity’s grip on this planet, good or bad. I had an infection on my hand a few months back and that inspired some of the lyrics, too. Bit of an on the nose account of watching the world go by and not having much control. Taking antibiotics for an infection, and just waiting for it to get better."


The Drained Wisdom EP will be out on April 8th via Head 2 Wall Records on Bandcamp and across all other streaming platforms.A limited 7-inch hifi lathe cut record will be coming soon from the label's website store.

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