Bleach Everything: Virginia Hardcore Punks Get to the Point Quickly on “The Happiness”

Photo: Veronika Reinert

Bleach Everything have been cooking up a nasty-flavored style of hardcore punk for over a decade now.

Formed in Richmond, Virginia, the group has always consisted of Brent Eyestone, Graham Scala, Kelly Posadas, and Ryan Parrish, musicians that have also played in such heavyweights as City of Caterpillar, Mammoth Grinder, and Suppression.

With a slew of releases already in their discography, Bleach Everything wanted to mark the arrival of Halloween 2023 with new music. That brings us to All Alone in Dirt, the quartet's forthcoming 4-track EP.

No Echo is pleased to present "The Happiness," a 39-second assault of no-bullshit hardcore lifted from All Alone in Dirt for our twisted readers today: 

With guitars, drums, and synths engineered at The Ward in Richmond, Virginia by Ricky Olson, and Brent recording his own vocals at Tracking in Carlsbad, California, All Alone in Dirt clocks in at a brisk and blunt 4:33 total running time. 

In terms of the speedy stuff, "The Happiness" is joined by another ripper called "Canopic Jars," and also includes a haunting track entitled "Truth at the Dead Ends," and a guitar piece called "Praetorian."

All Alone in Dirt is out on Halloween Day 2023 via Dark Operative (pre-order).


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