ASK: Michigan Band Specializes in Chaotic Hardcore on 2021 Demo

Photo: Al Duffy

"We started as a Converge worship band but quickly evolved into a hybrid of our personal styles," says ASK guitarist Cale Kehoe. "We celebrate diversity, inclusion, and consent."

Cale is chatting with No Echo in advance of the Michigan band's brand new demo. ASK has been around for the better part of two years, but with the help of their new alliance with Dropping Bombs (Last Gasp, LIFT), the group should be in shape to reach more ears.

"We’ve been writing an LP for a while but took a break because of COVID-19 precautions," Cale tells No Echo. "When we got back together we decided to demo a few new songs."

Listen to the chaotic hardcore madness of the ASK demo below:

"These three jams represent a more complete version of this band than heard on our previous releases. Musically it’s a combination of our influences and a taste of what our LP will sound like.

"Since we’re not playing shows this demo serves as that proof. Thematically the songs represent personal stances, mental health struggles, and our shared disgust of white supremacy."

Dropping Bombs will be releasing the ASK demo as a limited lathe cut 7 inch. Shipping will begin in mid-April, so hit the pre-order today.

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