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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Ornament

Band: Ornament
From: Surabaya, Indonesia

Their formation story:
"Ornament starts from Dezta, Indra, Alvin, and Resal in August 2022. But by the time of our EP's release, we changed members which eventually consisted of Dezta (vocals), Nando (bass), Begs (guitar), Resal (guitar) and Alvin (drums). For the process of writing material, we have a unique story. We only met two times in the music studio in almost a year, on that short occasion we managed to write two songs and one intro.

"After that, we began to perfect our material during our first recording session. The length of the recording process until the digital release of the EP took approximately 11 months. For the recording itself, we were assisted by Alwan Hilal (Self Home Recording) and Indra Cahya (Texas Sicklab Studio)."

Their sound in their own words:
"Actually, we were looking for sound style that referenced the roster of major metalcore labels such as Goodlife and Trustkill, but in general we leaned towards the metalcore era in the late '90s and early '00s. In our opinion, in that era, metalcore really presented their authenticity before heading into the era of full commercialization that came after that. We love the metalcore that holds on tighly to the hardcore ethos.

"It can be very hard like Arkangel or melancholy like Poison the Well. Apart from that, there are still many other bands that infIuenced us like Driven, Harvest, Undying, and Misery Signals."

Latest release info:
"On July 5th, we released an EP titled Hereditary via New Stone Records. The EP has one intro, two full songs and one piano instrumental that carries a message of lamentation , restlessness also bursts of passionate emotion that we can call the natural expression of man in the face of life."

Future plans:
"We have recently prepared the material our second EP. In it we really show the originality style of Ornament material that might become our trademark sound to be more authentic. Maybe by the end of this year we start working on it."

What are some other bands from your region we should check out?
We really recommend listening to Raousse, Day of Salvation, Decemberism, Dazzle, War Fighters, Grief., Educate, Repressed, Seek and Destroy, and The Carolines."


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