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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Hollowman

Photo: Kamila Kotusz

Band: Hollowman
From: Katowice, Poland

Their formation story:
(Bart, guitars): "Starting a new band was the idea of Warens (drums). We knew each other from local hardcore gigs and he knew I was playing guitar at home. Warens called me in 2019, but due to the work situation and the later pandemic era, we had to wait until August 2022 when we played together for the first time.

"Soon after, our longtime friends Tacki (vocalist) and Kura (bass), who had already played together in a band years ago, joined us and we started working on music."

Their sound in their own words:
"The range of influences is quite big and slightly different for each of us but as I write most of the riffs I'd say our music is inspired by '00s hardcore with 2 step parts, thrashy rhythm guitars, and beatdown breakdowns.

"Some people say our sound is somewhere between Terror and 100 Demons and not gonna lie—we definitly look up to both bands."

Latest release info:
"After a few months of playing together, we decided to record our debut/demo EP, Fire Forged. It's six songs, each slightly different, mixing sounds and styles described above.

"I think we took it as a warm-up and now that the EP is out, we know what direction we want to go for next records."

Future plans:
"We have a few shows to play in autumn but we also want to record and release double single before the end of the year and maybe another EP in the begginig of 2024.

"Musically, we want to stick to fast, aggressive playing with metal-influenced beatdown parts. We'd like to see people doing crazy stuff on our shows but we also want to create a place for all the kids that may feel like they don't fit or belong anywhere."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"From our local scene, we recommend checking out our drummer's other band, Good Lookin' Out. If you are into death metal-influenced hardcore, definitly check Burning Sky and their newest LP, Subconscious Cruelty, since it sounds huge.

"As for whole PLHC scene, go check out Negative Impact, all the Youth2Youth Records bands, Heavy Runner, and Embitter."


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