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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Eyeteeth

Photo: Dave Jerome

Band: Eyeteeth
From: UK

Their formation story:
"Ex members of xwhogivesashitx, summoned out of the swirling mists of England's dire hardcore past to stink up a new decade. Three of us have known each other for decades, going back to our earliest involvement in punk and hardcore. Our old bands played together often in the '90s and early '00s and shared vinyl together.

"Flash forward to 2022 and we find ourselves as the last surviving pro-active members of those bands so we decided that we all wanted to play in a band together that reflected our collective tastes and political stance.

"Straight edge hardcore, certainly within the UK has become diluted to the point where radical politics and critical lyrics are viewed as anomalous rather than an essential ingredient and that's a poor fucking do quite frankly. Eyeteeth is our attempt to atone for some of the shit records we played on in our youth and offer something with integrity and blood in its gnashers whilst satisfying our own violent appetites in the process."

Their sound in their own words:
"Some wet wipe on a podcast described it as tuneless aggression. And maybe he’s right but I’d describe it as midlife (Rarth) crisis music for people who appreciate scathing perspectives and primordial riffs but also run sensible haircuts and supportive footwear. Raw, hard and abrasive, sounds like a breeze block getting chucked into a woodchipper.

"Definitely sucking on the withered teat of Canada's finest musical traditions: Left for Dead, Haymaker, The Swarm, Acrid, etc., seasoned with liberal doses of Dropdead, Vaccine, black metal, and d-beat."

Latest release info:
"Straight Edge Violence is our debut 7-inch. Four tracks from the demo and six new rippers guaranteed to get up a few noses. No songs longer than a minute and a half. Topics covered include but not limited too: crucifying bosses on the factory floor, the plight of the roadman, poverty tourism, shithouse Youth Crew bands, thoughts on contemporary policing methods and so on. Thanks to Nikki Nailbomb for taking a risk on an an unknown band and putting the 7-inch out."

Future plans:
"We plan to continue to bewilder audiences with our ability to play ridiculously fast and remember 20-song setlists with ease yet struggle to get out of the tub without the assistance of a careworker. Probably some new records soon."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Like all true heels, we hail from parts unknown, but we humbly suggest you give Spit, Votiv, Coffin Mulch, Mortuary Spawn, Mortsafe, and FAxFO your attention. Thanks for taking an interest."


Eyeteeth on social media: Instagram | Bandcamp


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