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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Cruelty Uncontained

Photo: Eveliina Uusitalo

Band: Cruelty Uncontained
From: Helsinki, Finland

Their formation story:
(Marcus, guitar): "We're a fresh bunch, formed during summer/fall of 2023. I had some songs written and recorded, but was in dire need of a vocalist to finish the Hell Is the New Norm EP. I turned to my buddy Heikki, whom I knew to be talented and was glad to hear he was eager to join. 

"We put the EP out as a duo and thought it would be the best way to get the project started and to sort of showcase the idea and sound to potential future members, as well as potential fans. Soon enough we were lucky to welcome in our drummer Winnie, a dear friend with whom I'd been playing for years prior in other bands.

"Not long after, our group was complete with the arrival of our skilled bassist Ville, who fit in just perfectly."

Their sound in their own words:
"All of the songs are really riff-oriented and therefore quite honestly give more of a metal vibe, rather than hardcore—but of course there's no denying our hardcore influences. There's a fair amount of technicality, but it's nicely levelled out by straight-forward violence and roughness. 

"Personally, I grew up with heavy metal and thrash metal, so I automatically draw a lot from there. Earth Crisis, Inclination, Get the Shot, Harm's Way, and Jesus Piece are some of the bands that have recently been of influence from the hardcore/metalcore world. 

"We address mental health, animal cruelty and injustices of various kinds in our lyrics. Hardcore has always been more than music and it's what has helped us as individuals along our personal journeys to become the people we are today. A serious message helps creating a serious feel for the music."

Latest release info:
"Our latest release, Singles 2023, was something I wanted as an immediate follow-up for the EP to sort of keep the train chugging. The intention was to stay heavy and to keep things interesting. It's gritty, it's mean, and it's hopefully a good indicator on how the band will progress and how we're going to move onward from here."

Future plans:
"We're currently looking forward to reaching more people in form of a music video release. We're also very eager to get this show on the road soon and we'll hopefully have some exciting news to share in the near future regarding the subject."

What are some other bands from your region we should check out?
"The metal/hardcore scene in Helsinki, and Finland in general, is absolutely on fire right now, but to name a few: Dead at Birth, Cageless, Defiant, Baron, Cleansing, Health Issues, Forced Humility, Dome Runner, Ecotage, Nothing to Offer. Looking forward to sharing the stage with all of these groups!"


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