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Chris Wyse (Owl) on Piece of Mind

Iron Maiden, 'Piece of Mind' (Capitol Records, 1983)

One of my favorite albums growing up was Piece of Mind, from Iron Maiden.

Their bassist, Steve Harris, is the reason I started playing bass, so digging in on this album was an amazing experience for me. I had to learn every note! Songs like "The Trooper" left a huge impact. Steve's riffs and galloping bass fingers where powerful and awe-inspiring, not to mention the killer guitar and drum work on the album. There is an instrumental called "Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)" that my high school band would play. We also loved to jam "Where Eagles Dare." That has such a great drum intro. I'm sure it helped us win Battle of the Bands to play Iron Maiden!

Listening to Steve Harris taught me so much. What a great bassist and workout.

As a side note: it's fantastic that Bruce Dickinson is back to good health, and that we can anticipate yet another Iron Maiden album with an amazing legendary power singer. Up the Irons!

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