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Watchdogs, “No Resistance” (2017)

"I don't know what I need 
but I know it's more than this 
I'm turning on myself 
Sink the razor blade into my wrist"

The passage above are the opening lyrics to "No Resistance," one of two new tracks hardcore outfit Watchdogs just unleashed unto the world. Yeah, they're fucking bleak, but that's the point here. Megz (no last names here, folks!) delivers each line in the song with the kind of vitroil needed to truly get its point across. She's on some borderline death metal level with her delivery.

On the musical front, Watchdogs' hardcore is stuffed to the gills with one palm-muted mosh riff after the other. This isn't melodic in the least, not that this Richmond, VA crew have any time for sing-along choruses.

Head to Watchdogs' Bandcamp page to check out more tunes.

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