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Stand, “Silence,” from Broken Promises (2017)

Formed in early 2017, Stand is a Orange County, CA-based band that brings together some veteran members of the hardcore punk scene.

Featuring vocalist Joel Bull (Hard Fast & Loud), guitarist Chris Lohman (Blackspot, Collateral Damage, Done Dying, John Henry Holiday), drummer Pete Sosa (Street Dogs, Roger Miret & The Disasters), and bassist Mike West (Rats in the Wall, Last Warning), Stand named their group after a Don't No song and felt that the meaning of the name was even more important today, especially the controversey behind the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone Pipeline in North and South Dakota, which they're absolutely against.

"Our songs are about current events, personal relations, depression, and the things happening in our society," says the band in a joint statement. "We’re living in a time where the next tweet and selfie are more important than humanity and integrity, where looks are more important than values, where greed more important than the land we live on, and depression rampant. People are pissed off. The Broken Promises EP is our first contribution to these subjects."

Of the five tracks on their new EP, I chose "Silence" to introduce No Echo readers to Stand since it captures their sonic energy so well. Lead by a charging guitar riff, "Silence" is an in-your-face hardcore anthem that will surely become one of the combo's biggest crowd pleasers. "Thinking about the past has got me all fucked up," sings Bull, and the music behind him surely echoes that sentiment.

Head to Stand's Bandcamp page to listen to the entire Broken Promises EP.

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