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Spill Your Guts, “Get Impaled,” from Hungry Crows (2017)

It's not often that I get music sent to me from the Chinese region, but a few days back, Dima, the vocalist of a Shanghai-based band called Spill Your Guts reached out about their new album. With several EPs in their discography, Hungry Crows is the group's debut full-length.

Spill Your Guts' material touches upon everything from thrash to hardcore to traditional metal, not too far from what Cancer Bats do. "Get Impaled" is my favorite cut from the record, bringing forth a series of air-guitar-worthy riffs that had me hooked upon the first listen. On the vocal tip, Dima delivers each lyric with a scratchy singing attack that is in line with the band's pissed-off songwriting style.

Head to Spill Your Guts' Bandcamp page to pick up Hungry Crows and their previous EPs.

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