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Seance, “Under the Knife,” from Introspection (Killing a Sound Records, 2016)

Not to be confused with the excellent Swedish death metal band that released Saltrubbed Eyes back in the '90s, San Diego-based crossover unit Seance recently issued a superb EP called Introspection. "Under the Knife" is the EP's second track, and it's a guitar riff-lover's paradise, with one thrashed-out banger after the other. Some of Alberto Marroquin's riffs remind me of stuff that would have been on Devastation's Idolatry album, while other of his guitar parts bring to mind Crown of Thornz.

Ryan Croll's screamy vocals are dry and diseased-sounding, which is ideal for Seance's musical onslaught. I especially love the contrast between his harsh delivery and Marroquin's bright and brawny guitar tone.

Take a moment and head to Seance's Bandcamp page to stream the entire EP if you're enjoying "Under the Knife" as I did. Killing a Sound Records pressed up copies of the EP, but it appears that they've since sold out.

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