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Pressed, “Bornless,” from Anxiety Dream (2017)

Memphis isn't the first place I think of when someone brings up the kind of music I cover here on No Echo, but here is Pressed. The quartet came to my attention thanks to Matthew Leathers, one of the members of the band.

Anxiety Dream is Pressed's brand-new EP of pissed-off noisecore. Fans of Unsane, Eyehategod, and Whores. will dig the hell out of this. 

For the purpose of this piece, I'm focusing on the track "Bornless," but I could have easily chosen any of the other songs on the EP. Basically, "Bornless" is a guitar riff sandwich, with harsh vocals, swinging rhythms, and a gnarly bass tone in between the two pieces of bread. This is irate music for irate people. 

Photo: Lauren Holtermann

Follow Pressed on Facebook and head to their Bandcamp page to download Anxiety Dream.

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