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Modern Love, “Hat,” from Tross alt (Refuse Records/Stonehenge Records, 2017)

Featuring former members of such bands as Damage Control and Kids Like Us, Modern Love is a new band from Oslo, Norway who will be releasing their debut album, Tross alt, this summer. The group play a jangly and melodic type of punk that is in the vein of Leatherface, Naked Raygun, and Dag Nasty. 

"Hat" is one of the sneak peek tracks from Modern Love's forthcoming album, and from its first burst of bright chords, I was hooked. The lyrics are sung in Norwegian, but that doesn't get in the way of my enthusiasm for the performance. The pretty guitar licks that are sprinkled throughout the track are also irresistible. It seems like every few seconds, there's something new introduced to the arrangement that ups its catchiness factor. I'll never complain about something like that.

Tross alt will be out on July 29. Find Modern Love on Facebook and give them a Like while you're there.

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