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Meth Mouth, “The Way Out” (2017)

Hailing from the same city that also spawned Earth Crisis and Another Victim, Meth Mouth is keeping Syracuse, NY on the hardcore map with their latest offering of down-tuned riff savagery.

Soon to be available as part of a limited edition cassette release, "The Way Out" is an infectious slab of Neglect-like metallic hardcore that had my head bopping within seconds. The vocals bring to mind Dwid Hellion at his angriest, and on the guitar front, the tone is meaty and with a helping of Swedish death metal in some of the fast picking moments. I'll be surprised if Meth Mouth don't blow up within the next year.

Head to Meth Mouth's Bandcamp page to hear both songs from their new release.

Tagged: hardcore, meth mouth

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