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Erdve, “Prievarta,” from Vaitojimas (Season of Mist, 2018)

Formed in 2016, the Lithuanian band Erdve came together to create a unique sound that experimented with elements from hardcore, sludge, and black metal. Listening to their newly-released debut album, Vaitojimas, I would say the guys nailed their mission. "We do believe that this album truly conveys our environment, perception of things, and our understanding of immensely heavy music or what it means to us," said the band in a statement included with their press materials. 

Vaitojimas is the kind of album that rewards upon repeated listens. It's a dense piece of work with many shifts in mood and texture within each track. With that in mind, I chose the song "Prievarta" here to showcase Erdve to the site's readers since it's probably the best example of their sound. I don't know about you, but I certainly hear elements of '90s metallic hardcore within the arrangement, especially in the beginning section. The combo also lets the arrangement breathe with beautiful atmospherics that sound incredible on my headphones. 

If Erdve can secure the right tour in the States, I could see them catching on with audiences here in a big way. 


Vaitojimas is available on Bandcamp and on physical formats via Season of Mist.

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