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Edgewise, “Choked Out,” from Angels and Addicts (CoinTossRecords, 2017)

Edgewise is probably a familiar name to many No Echo readers who have been following the hardcore scene for the last couple of decades. Formed in 1989, the Pennsylvania band's initial run ended around 1994, in addition to having records released by such labels as Smorgasbord Records, Gain Ground, and Thorp. Since reforming a few years back, Edgewise have been going strong, performing shows and writing new music.

Just a few weeks back, CoinTossRecords released Angels and Addicts, Edgewise's first new record in over 20 years. "Choked Out" is the opening cut on the 4-song EP and it's an angry sonofabitch! The verse sections are a whipping combination thrashy riffing and barked vocals, while the chorus slows things down into a palm-muted mosh with a gang vocal choir added in for maximum effect. It's good to have these guys (and gal) back in action!

Angels and Addicts is available now on vinyl via CoinTossRecords, and if you prefer it digitally, you can also grab that at Bandcamp.

*Edgewise photo on homepage by Wass Photography.

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