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Dread State, “Intro/Descent,” from Statement of Intent (2018)

"This band is the product of pulling together each of the different members’ taste in music, and most importantly the rich diversity of hardcore," says Joshua Sison, one of the members of Dread State, a new hardcore band from Roanoke, VA. 

Featuring musicians who've played in such groups as straight edge outfit Step Off and death metallers Human Infection, Dread State just released its debut demo, Statement of Intent. While I could have gone with any of the 5 cuts on the demo, I chose "Intro/Descent" because it's a great showcase of what these guys are out to do: play fast hardcore with an F.U. punk spirit running through it.

Dread State's first two shows will be going down in Roanoke on June 7 at The Spot on Kirk, which will be a benefit show to raise funds for a skatepark there. The second show will be at the BGS, an underground venue that has hosted DIY music for years in Roanoke and is having its last show. The event will also include Break Away, Heavens Die, Headrush, and Outsider.

Check out the rest of the Dread State demo on Bandcamp.

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