Song of the Day

Creeping Death, “Sacrament of Death,” from Sacrament of Death (Killing a Sound, 2016)

Creeping Death are not only badass because they're named after one of Metallica's finest songs, but also because they cite both Suffocation and All Out War as key influences. The Denton, Texas outfit's sound sits in the middle of the former's death metal and the latter's metallic hardcore wheelhouse. Their song "Sacrament of Death" has the sludgy guitar tone and riffing style of OSDM, while the groove throughout most of the cut is closer to the feel of Merauder's more mosh-friendly tunes.

It's only a matter of time before a label gets in business with Creeping Death. Trust me.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Schmuck (Power Trip), Creeping Death's new three-song Sacrament of Death EP is available on Bandcamp.

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