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Circles, “Love” (CanISay? Records, 2017)

Featuring members of such bands as Sugartown Cabaret and Trouble Every Day, Circles is a new French combo firmly rooted in the Revolution Summer-era sound of 1985. In other words, the sonic influence of Dag Nasty and Embrace loom large on the band's new demo.

"Love" opens with a slinky yet melodic bass line, before a similarly catchy guitar riff is introduced to the arrangement. From that point on, Circles have their hooks in you, and by the time the song's sun-kissed chorus kicks in, it's clear these guys know how to craft an irresistible slice of posi-punk.

Photo: Florian Renaud

Head to CanISay? Records' Bandcamp page to download the entire Circles demo.

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