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Bonebreaker, “Herd Mentality,” from Mass Grave (Safe Inside Records, 2016)

It's not every day that a hardcore band from Mexico comes across my desk, so when Burt of Safe Inside Records sent me a release by an Tijuana-based act on his label called Bonebreaker, it definitely caught my attention. 

Released in 2016, Mass Grave is a 7" EP that finds Bonebreaker delivering metal-charged hardcore packed with meaty riffs and in-your-face lyrics. "Herd Mentality" is a standout cut on the record, bringing forth a scathing indictment on people who hop on trends every other day. The music in "Herd Mentality" melds hardcore with blast beats and a Swedish death metal-tinged guitar part towards the end of the track. That last section is what drives it over the top for me.

Mass Grave is available directly from Safe Inside Records.

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