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Atonement Theory, “The Hallow Imprint,” from Illumination (IDEFY Records, 2017)

Some No Echo readers will be familiar with Jay Jancetic from his time in such bands as Harm's Way, Arma Angelus, and Stabbed by Words. Well, these days, Jay is focusing much of his energy on Atonement Theory, a solo project that has morphed into a band situation within the last year or so.

Musically speaking, Atonement Theory finds the veteran hardcore musician writing material that is both heavy and expansive in its sonic breadth. "The Hallow Imprint" crystalizes this idea perfectly. Lifted off the band's 2017 Illumination EP, the track is a slow burner that builds and then falls apart, only to repeat the formula again. Listening to the song on my headphones, it's easy to hear the guitar nuances that interplay with each other, while Jay's harsh vocals float above the tension.

Pete Grossman's mix is key here as well, especially since at the time of the Illumination recording sessions, Jay was programming all of the drums himself. In the engineer's hands, the drums on "The Hallow Imprint" (and the rest of the EP, for that matter) sound like they were being manned by a human. There's also a "room" feel to the mix which fits the songs' wide-screened spirit perfectly.

Photo: E Aaron Ross

With its close to 8-minute running time, "The Hallow Imprint" demands your attention, but if you're a fan of groups like Cult of Luna and Neurosis, Atonement Theory should find a place in your music collection. 

Head to Bandcamp to check out the entire Illumination EP, and IDEFY Records has copies of the vinyl available for sale.

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