Top 5 Feel Good Summer Jammers, by Kenny Brown (Loud Boyz)

Radioactivity, "Don't Try," from Radioactivity (Dirtnap, 2013)

I really love this song, and find myself playing it on repeat when it's warm out. I was a huge fan of The Marked Men, and this song is the epitome of summer love. Especially because summer love isn't real!

Eddy Current Suppression Ring, "Which Way to Go," from Primary Colours (Goner/Aarght!, 2008)

My buddy, Mike Bite, showed me this band a few years ago when I lived in New York City. We were cooking hot dogs in my backyard and we had a laptop out and he put on this music video. Australian dudes partying on the beach... it inspired our "Hard Feelings" video, except we were in Ocean City, Maryland instead of Gold Coast.

Bob Marley & The Wailers, "Could You be Loved," from Live Forever (Island/Tuff Gong, 2011)

Just because our guitar player, Alex, wakes up every morning and blasts his Bob Marley live LP (#roasted).

Sheer Mag, "Fan the Flames," from II (Katorga Works/Wilsuns, 2015)

Everyone is talking about this band, and rightfully so! This song is like Creedence with lil' Michael Jackson on vocals. We had a pool party on Saturday and their new 7", II, was on heavy rotation. The video is really cool, too, and I'm sure hyped to see them at Hopscotch Festival.

Schoolboy Q, "Man of the Year," from Oxymoron (Top Dawg/Interscope, 2014)

The coolest video of all time. Great song, with a great Chromatics sample of "Cherry." I ended with this video because this is how I'm trying to spend the rest of my summer. Period.

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